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The vehicle is in inalienable property of STAR RENT A CAR and the Lessor shall not acquire any other rights regarding this vehicle,except those given to the Lessor in the Rental Agreement

        1. Authorized Vehicle operation - Only Persons older than 21 years who have held a valid driving license for at least two years shall be allowed to operate the Vehicle.Only those Persons who are stated on the Rental Agreement can operate the Vehicle all other don’t have the permission to operate the Vehicle.
        2. Rental of the Vehicle  - Vehicle shall be rented by concluding a Rental Agreement.By signing the Rental Agreement the Lessor accepts the General Terms and Conditions.By signing the Vehicle Pre Rent Inspection Form the Lessor confirms that the Vehicle and all the equipment are in flawless technical condition.The Lessor must return the rented Vehicle within the deadline and must return the Vehicle in the same Office from which he has taken the Vehicle.
        3. Limitations - The rented Vehicle shall not be used :
       smalstarFor paid Transport of Passengers and Goods.
       smalstar By Persons who conclude the Rental Agreement on the false basis data.
       smalstar In any competition,speed test or Race.
       smalstar By Persons under the influence of Alcohol,Tranquillisers,Narcotics,Soporifics or other Medicines.
       smalstar When the Vehicle is in no driving condition or overloaded,with to many passengers or baggage or when the Vehicle is not properly working.
       smalstarOff of categorized Roads.
        Contrary to special conditions,limitations or prohibitations which refer to use of the rented Vehicle in some Countries or Regions of which the Lessor must obey in accordance with the Terms and Conditions from the Rental Agreement. STAR RENT A CAR does not accept any liability for any damage which arises in the event the Lessor does not observe the above mentioned limitations.
        4. Lessor’s liability for damage - The Lessor shall be responsible for all damages to the Vehicle,parts thereof and additional equipment which is not acknowledged under the General Conditions of Motor hull Insurance.The Lessor shall be responsible for the damage of the Vehicle,his parts and additional equipment from the inappropriate use and the Lessor shall be liable for all damage which results from the replacement of parts or equipment when replacement is not necessary or is performed such as a good part is replaced with an old one or an inappropriate one.The Lessor will pay for every damage which emerged outside of the specified Terms and Conditions after he receives Invoice from STAR RENT A CAR.
        5. Payment of the Invoice - After the end of the Rental an Invoice will be prepared on the basses of the Rental Agreement.The Lessor must pay the Invoice within 8 days after receiving the Invoice if the Invoice is not paid within these days legal interest will be charged in the amount determined by the Law on interest Rates.
        6. Extension of the Rental - If the Lessor wants to extend the Rental Agreement,he must inform the Office first,one day in advance.If the Lessor did not do this STAR RENT A CAR will deem that the Lessor has appropriated the Vehicle illegally and criminal proceedings shall be instituted against the Lessor.If the Lessor returns the Vehicle after the day stated on the Rental Agreement and if the Price is changed during the Rental Period the Rental from the date of the planned return of the Vehicle shall be calculated at the new Price if it is not stated differently in the Rental Agreement.
        7. Mileage - The Mileage driven during the Rental of the Vehicle shall be determinated on the basis of a meter installed in the Vehicle.
        8. Fuel - Fuel is not included in the Price of the Rental, the Vehicle is given with full Tank of Gasoline and should be returned with full Tank of Gasoline,if there is shortage of Gasoline in the Tank it will be charged.
        9. Maintenance - The Lessor must take care of the Vehicle and on regularly basis must check the oil level in the Motor and in the automatic gearbox if there is one,water in the Radiator and the Battery and correct pressure in the Tires.Oil must be changed every 15000km. The cost of oil etc shall be paid to the Lessor upon presentation of the bills. The Lessor is obligated to pay for all Damage caused due to incorrect maintenance.
        10. Breakdowns - Repairs or replacement of parts may be performed only at authorized Service after receiving the prior approval of the Office. The coasts of repairs shall be paid to Lessor after presentation of the bills. In case of replacement of the parts the Lessor shall also be obliged to present the replaced parts, if the repair is performed abroad in addition to the prior approval of the Office for the repair, upon crossing the border the Lessor shall obtain a receipt at the customs for the import of the replaced parts and upon reporting the costs, submit the bill, the replaced parts and the custom receipt when he returns the Vehicle. Under the conditions from the previous paragraph costs in the amount from the bill calculated in MKD value according to the middle exchange rate of the NBM on the date of the calculations shell be acknowledge to the credit of the Lessor. If STAR RENT A CAR did not gave prior approval to the repair of the Vehicle abroad upon returning the Vehicle these costs shall be acknowledged to the Lessor upon presenting the Bill and the replaced parts up to the amount assessed by STAR RENT A CAR. The costs shall not be acknowledged if the repair is performed without approval outside of an authorized Service or if the replaced parts from the bill have not been presented. If upon returning the Vehicle it is established that any part of the Vehicle, equipment or additional accessories has been lost the Lessor shall be obligated to pay the damages from the actual pricelist from the authorized Service.
        11. Documents and Keys - All Vehicles are equipped with all the necessary Documents,Documents for crossing the Border and for them the Lessor is responsible and in case of losing them they will be charged from the pricelist of the authorized Service.
        12. Personal Accident Insurance-All Passengers are insured according to the actual rates from the Insurance Company.
      13. Vehicle Insurance - All Vehicle owned by STAR RENT A CAR are insured against liabilities for damage caused to third parties with deductible amount.The Insurance Company covers the cost of Damage caused by the Vehicle up to the insured amount determined by Law valid on the day the damage is caused.The Lessor shall pay the amount upon the value of the deductible amount,the Insurance do not cover the bottom part of the Vehicle and all parts that are on him ( oil reservoir , protection parts ect ), damages on tyres, wheel rims,mirrors,wipers.
      14. Theft Protection - All Vehicle owned by STAR RENT A CAR are insured against Theft with deductible amount and in the case of Theft the Lessor shall pay the deductible amount.
      15. Accidents  - The Lessor must immediately inform the Office and the nearest Police Station in a case of accident and he must fulfill the Police Report and to write down the Plate Number from the other Vehicle and the Name of the Insurance Company. The Lessor shall cooperate with STAR RENT A CAR in dealing with and removal of the consequences from the accident.If the Lessor do not follow the procedure the costs shall be charged to the Lessor.
      16. Importance and Rental Agreement changes - The Rental Agreement is activated when the both parties are signed on it and in the same time the Pre Rental Inspection Form is activated.The Rental Agreement,the Terms and Conditions and all signed Forms cannot be changed/modified without acceptance form STAR RENT A CAR.
      17. The employees form STAR RENT A CAR have right in any time to check the Vehicles and if they find out that the Rental Agreement or Terms and Conditions are breached they have authorization to revoke the Vehicle from the Lessor. The calculation of the Rental shall be performed on the day when STAR RENT A CAR has again gained possession of the Vehicle.
        18. The Lessor shall bear sole responsibility for traffic offences committed during the rental period and for the damage that will emerge in this period for which the Insurance Company will not cover these costs for any reason.
        19. In the case of disputes the contracting parties herby agree upon the competence of the Court of Skopje competent for these matters.
        20. Definition of Terms - Owner of the Vehicle which is the subject of this Rental Agreement is STAR RENT A CAR DOOEL SKOPJE bul. Jane Sandanski no 65/17 Skopje.
        Lessor - The Person which has rented the Vehicle under the Rental Agreement and has undertaken to pay costs of the Rental.

        Driver - The Person who operates the Vehicle and it is written as Driver on the Rental Agreement,all others don’t have permission to drive this Vehicle only those who are putted as Drivers on the Rental Agreement.